Day ahead prep for week night dinner party

If you’re going to have people over for dinner on a week night, they are usually pretty close friends and those who you don’t have to be formal for. 

They key here is prep ahead the night before. 

I’m still in the brussel sprout phase, I cut them in half and store. 

I had a pepper hanging around, and diced that up too. 

I like to get whole mushrooms and clean them myself, I’m not always sure the cut ones are clean enough. Do not soak them in water, just brush them off with a moist paper towel or towel. 

Dice these and store them. 

When cooking for a bunch of girls, you can usually get away with chicken breast–simple and easy. I washed them with vinegar, cut in half lengthwise. I use plastic wrap and pound them a bit with the back of a heavy serving spoon. 

Then I season with dry spices and store in the fridge. Don’t forget to clean well after this step. 

While all of this was going on, I boiled some golden beets, left the skin on and just stuck them in a pot. Let them cool, slice, and store. 

If you want to be fancy, you can set the table too. Buffet style is easier and may be a better option if you run out of time. 

If you are used to cooking often, this can be done in less than two hours. I did it while cooking dinner after work. 

Family style eating is also easier, I lay out the serving dishes I will be using and also have a drink area so the are easily accessible. Finish your prep with an empty dishwasher and sink. 

Now the prep is done. 

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