Week night dinner party part deux!

Day two of the week night dinner, all of the prep is done and it’s go time. 

At an hour and a half before dinner time, I start.

Turn on the oven to 350–works for most things. 

I put the beets together for roasting, they go in about 30 minutes before dinner. 

Start the brussel sprouts first because they take the longest, 60 min before dinner.  Keep them flat side down to get a good char. 

The asparagus just got EVOO, salt and hot pepper with a squeeze of lemon juice and about 20 minutes in the oven. 

Lots of girls means lots of veggies! And leftovers are welcomed. 

Once they cook for a bit, I will later too with a mix of panko, Parmesan, fresh herbs and EVOO. Back in the oven for 5-10. 

While these things are cooking, I made a deconstructed salad and set out a little munchies and cucumbers/lemon for water. 

On the stove I make the chicken dish that is simple and quick. 

See the next post for this dish in step by step form. This is a staple for me, chicken with lemon and parsley in a creamy sauce. The ingredients will vary but it’s like a piccata minus the capers. 

Dinner ready in one hour because of the night ahead prep! Lots of leftovers for lunches too. 


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