Saturday night steak dinner!

Who wants to spend $50 on a steak dinner at a restaurant? Sometimes you want the view but I’d rather make my own!

I’m a ribeye fan but I’ve done filet mignon as well. Depends on if anything is on what looks good and if there is a sale. 

Start by preheating the oven and boiling water. Boil potatoes, you can go for mashed or roasted, whatever is your fave. If you prefer to grill–scrub them with hot soapy water, run with oil and sprinkle with salt, put in foil and grill. 

In a 300 degeee oven I baked it for 10 minutes for medium well probably 6 for medium and not needed for rare. 

Chop some mushrooms while you’re waiting. 

Using some high quality butter, about 2 tbsp, in a screaming hot pan, sauté carefully, it will spit up a bit, until you have a nice crust. Avoid the urge to add garlic, it will just burn. 

Remove and sauté the mushrooms, here is where you can add the garlic once they start to lose water. Remove, then add potatoes with some parsley and cream or half and half, if you have any. I freeze the cream in a ice cube tray and put into a mason jar in the freezer. This way I always have a bit around for these things. 

So good! And easy to make for two. 

If you prefer to grill, just use a skillet to sauté the mushrooms and melt some butter and pour over the top. 


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