Thin chicken in a chili pepper brown sauce

Chicken breast can be boring but it’s a staple. Here goes another way to make it. 

I prepare it the night before. Wash with AC vinegar, dry, season. 

This time I tried a chili lime seasoning. 

Stored it overnight 

The next day, I just browned it with some EVOO. In batches, remove once browned (hard to get a crust without a lot of oil or breeding) even if not fully cooked yet. 

Once all cooked, make a sauce, either with a packet of gravy mix or make a rue and add flour. For 4 people is use a 2/2/2 ratio. Two tbsp fat to 2 tbsp flour, whisk to remove the lumps and add 2 cups of stock. 

Add the chicken back in and simmer to finish cooking the chicken. You may want to cover it. I added a bit of spinach that was wilting away in my fridge. 


I had some brussel sprouts in the oven 

The rainbow carrots were still hanging around too. 


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