Packed lunch for a sailing trip!

Depending on your crowd and destination, packing a picnic should be a bit strategic. 

I’m headed out on a sail boat, so I want things that can be held and eaten easily without utensils. I also want to minimize the amount of trash, and use resealable bags.

First I take some help from the deli counter and get some salami with a nice herb crust. I put them on tooth picks because hands aren’t always clean when boating. 

Then I take some cheese, cheddar or Brie, again with the toothpicks.

I like to use water rolls, and make sandwiches based on the crowd I’m with, here I did a cheese roll. See the post on West Indian Cheese Sandwiches for this.

Wrap tightly.

Take the ends and fold in on both sides, then under.

I use muffin cups to portion out a few things and put them all into a ziplock.  I had Brie and crackers, hummus and pita, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, blueberries, nuts, and some jelly beans. 

Then pack into your favorite lunch or cooler bag. 


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