Sunday morning in… Smoked salmon with asparagus and onion omelette 

Sometimes you don’t want to ditch the PJs for a Sunday brunch out. Make it yourself, and it can be healthier than all of the syrups and fried potatoes…despite how amazing they can be!

I keep chopped onions in the fridge, I like to keep them in a mason jar, but you will need to keep them dry and airtight. They can last about a week or so.

Sweat these for a bit in some EVOO, only a tiny bit is needed.

I added some chopped asparagus and kept it cooking on medium high heat. You want to cook it to how soft you want it. If you don’t like asparagus you can use spinach or tomatoes, just cook it down so there is no liquid left.

Then add your eggs. For two people, I do 3 eggs or 4 egg whites. Add salt, pepper to taste, and ground habanero to your heat tolerance, I keep frozen chopped parsley and added a bit.

For company and presentation’s sake, I use a mold with some smoked salmon. If you are not worried about the calories or cholesterol, you can start with some cream cheese on the bottom, then salmon, then eggs.

I took a piece of salmon and folded it in half lengthwise then rolled it up to get the rose on top.

Great for company, if you have a small number of people!


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