Bacon, egg, and cheese please!


Breakfast sandwiches are great in the morning but are a good anytime snack too! 
Making them at home is pretty simple especially if you prepare the bacon ahead of time.  You can use turkey bacon and egg whites if you’re watching the cholesterol.

One of my weekend prep tools when I’m having company, is oven baking bacon in a large batch. If I know I will be making Sunday brunch or just breakfast a few times in a weekend, I will do this the evening before. Just take a pack of bacon, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, spread them out and bake at 375 until they are done to your liking. Let it cool and store in a paper towel in a airtight container.

On a weekday, you can use the fully cooked bacon to make a quick breakfast or even dinner.

I crumble up a little bacon, let it warm up on medium heat for a bit, then crack your eggs, add black pepper, and chili pepper to your heat tolerance, I added some parsley as well. Stir and cook the whites.

Then I shape it in the middle of the pan to fit the English muffin, put some cheese on top, add a few tablespoons of water and cover.

This will melt the cheese. Here I used a sharp cheddar. You can toast the English muffin or use your bread of choice.

Stack and serve.


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