Let’s talk beets!


I’m a big beet fan, raw in juices, roasted with other root veg, spiralized and steamed, in salads with blue cheese, and many other combos. 

Here I boiled them unpeeled then after cooled, layered with a garlic goat cheese then cut to look pretty!

This was a raw beet that I sliced with a mandolin and then baked in a tarte-like fashion at 400 for about 30 minutes then placed the baked salmon on top. It was crispy like a potato au gratin but sweet. 

These were yellow and red beets plus the whole garlic bulb that I roasted in foil with just a little water.  Everything turned red but still tasted good. 

These I boiled then cut. They kept well and were much milder with less of an earthy flavor. I used them for salads and actually just at them plain. 

These are sugar beets and are gorgeous! They are hard to find and I stumbled on them at the farmers market. They are a brighter pink color on the outside. 

Spiralized beets make for a festive salad or side. I steamed these but you could eat them raw. Might be too rustic for most people though. 

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