Quick morning omelette 

Check out the fridge and see what you have hanging around.

I had some asparagus, shallots, cheddar– so I let it happen!

First, sauté the asparagus for a minute in a little EVOO, add the shallots and let them loosen up a bit. Meanwhile, in a bowl, whip together a few eggs, I use 3 for two people, I also add about a tablespoon of water, add salt, pepper, cayenne, whatever spices you enjoy.

Then add on top of the now soft veg. I use medium heat for eggs, so they are fluffy.

Give it a stir, once it is almost together, I will add the cheese, cover it, and turn off the heat.

Then the melty goodness happens! Toss a little fresh parsley on top.

Serve immediately.

This would also be good in between a toasted English muffin, croissant, or even wheat toast–for the carb willing crowd.

Simple and easy, give it a try.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ashley Vinson says:

    Is this for tomorrow??? Looks amazing and I know how awesome you are in the kitchen!!!


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