Sautéed Chick Peas

These are often a crowd pleaser, they span many cultures and most people enjoy them. They are also great for your vegan or vegetarian friends if you’re having a dinner party. 

You can also chop the rest of these, make sure they are very dry, then freeze them for next time. 

I’m not sure what the heat difference is with these, but they don’t seem as hot as the orange ones. I also keep these frozen, again be sure they are very dry before you freeze. 

This crowd loved the heat, so I used an entire fresh habanero pepper with a large diced onion in a decent amount of grape seed or coconut oil. I sautéed these together, be sure you have a well ventilated area or a fan on high. 

Sweat it down a bit and add chopped garlic. 

Add the canned or soaked fresh chick peas, roasted and ground cumin, thyme, black pepper, salt, a little curry powder is optional. 

I add some water and allow it to steam on medium heat with the cover on. 

Top with some chopped green onions, turn off the stove and cover for 5 minutes more. 

This is traditionally served with achar or a mango chutney. 

PS if you have leftovers and want to try something different, blend this up with a little tahini and have an ‘indian’ inspired hummus!

Give it a try


Here I used:

2- 29 oz cans of chick peas 

One large diced yellow onion about 2 cups

6-8 cloves of garlic, pressed

1 large red habanero pepper

6-8 scallions chopped on the bias

1 tsp curry powder

1 tbsp roasted, ground cumin (geera)

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp dried thyme

Salt to taste

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