Roasted Beet Gnocchi with a Sage Walnut Butter Sauce

I’ve made gnocchi with potatoes before and they were easier than I thought they would be, today I am helping a friend with a party and want to do something a bit more fancy.

I started with roasted, peeled beets. I used a potato ricer, but you can use a potato masher or even grate it with a box grater.

The key here is less moisture. Beets will not mash the same way as potatoes, so you will need to squeeze some of the liquid out a bit. Make a well, add flour and egg yolks.

I used a fork in the beginning because it is just so messy. Here it is still very wet, you need to keep adding flour until you can get it into a workable dough.

Then I split it into 4 and started rolling out into long logs.

Then cut with a knife into small pieces and roll into a ball with flour if needed.

Using the back of a fork, push with your thumb and roll it down the fork to get the stripes on the top and a concave under side. This part takes practice and is not required. The goal is to make them the same size and thickness.

Then dust off some flour and boil in a large pot on a medium barely-boiling heat. 

Using a slotted spoon, remove into a strainer and allow to drain. Cook in batches to prevent them from sticking together.

Here you see the fork marks and they are in this typical shape. I tasted now and added a little salt. Now for the sauce.

On medium low heat, I toasted some raw walnuts, you don’t want them to brown, just heat up and toast a bit. Then chop.

Meanwhile, melt butter on medium heat with some fresh sage, do not let it get too brown, the next step is burnt. Add the chopped walnuts and allow to cook together on medium low heat for a little bit.

At this point you could add the gnocchi to the pan and serve. But today we wanted it a little fancy.

We put two in each, then covered with the walnut butter sauce, then placed fresh sage on top.

Then I used a larger dish for the rest.

Yum! Give it a try!

Here we used:

3 tennis ball sized beets, roasted in the oven, then peeled 

2 egg yolks

Fresh sage, 1 cup walnuts

2 sticks of butter

AP flour, 00 flour or semolina is good too, you will add as you go (about 1.5-2.5 cups)

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