Quail eggs….have you cooked them at home?

They are so cute but a little intimidating to most who have never tried making them before.

If you are having a fun party or special occasion, give these a try. The simplest thing to do is boil them. They go quickly, about 3 minutes. I’m not sure if they are pasteurized, so I cook the yolks completely.

Peeling them takes a bit of practice. I found that tapping the top then peeling along the membrane, in a circle like an apple peel, works best.

You can just halve them and season with whatever you love, then serve. I’m currently away from my kitchen, so simple is how it will be today.

Otherwise I would make some impressive looking deviled quail eggs!

I would remove the yolks, mix with mayo, salt, pepper, cayenne, and then pipe into the whites. Then garnish with a long strand of chive. If I had a more diverse crowd, I would add a bit of curry powder.

So, next time you see them, try it! The taste is a bit milder than a chicken egg, so the flavor is not an issue.

It will look fabulous!

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