Date night in that won’t leave you broke and bloated!—Minute steak with garlic mushrooms, spicy onions, roasted brussel sprouts, and fingerling potatoes!

Minute steak is super quick and easy to cook.

First I start with brussel sprouts, cut in half, toss with EVOO and cayenne pepper and place into 375 oven. I had a few tiny potatoes around, and I added them too. Then chop the mushrooms.

I usually get the creminis but the buttons were on sale today.

Wipe off with moist cloth first.

Heat a Dutch oven on medium high heat with some EVOO.

Sauté with some garlic paste and a dash of salt. If they start to stick you can deglaze with wine or stock.

While that is cooking, chop a red onion and season the steak. I used a ready made steak seasoning.

Remove the mushrooms when they have cooked enough for the water to evaporate.

Add onions and sauté. I added a dash of bbq sauce to give them some flavor.

Once they are soft or maybe a bit crispy–however you prefer, remove and set aside.

Then a bit more EVOO and in with two pieces of steak. Stand right there and flip in 45 seconds. Give the second side about 30 seconds and remove.

I plated it with the onions first then steak, topped with mushrooms, brussels, and some parsley. If you’re into carbs, add the potatoes.

Give it a try!


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