Breakfast sandwich upgrade: quail eggs and salami on Cuban bread!

Quail eggs can be a little intimidating if you’ve never tried them before. They taste great, a bit bolder than chicken eggs but not hugely different.

If you have more than 3 people or even if you are a couple, this is an easy way to make them. I use a muffin tin, greased with coconut oil, then crack 3 into each.

The egg shells are a little leathery, so they don’t crack as easily as chicken eggs, but don’t be worried if you break the yolk. I have some salami around, so I put a few in the extra spots.

I had some parsley and green onions to add a little flavor, and I baked at 350 for 7.5 minutes.

Because I grease the pan they come out easily. I also have some Cuban bread that I have cut in sandwich portions, buttered them and topped with Munster cheese. I toasted that open faced in the oven while this was going. Serve it all together on one platter. Then your gas can make a breakfast sandwich if they want or just eat the protein.


Here are used:

15 quail eggs


Half a loaf of Cuban bread

Few slices of Munster cheese

Butter, scallions, parsley

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