King fish with sautéed veg in a red wine reduction

I just discovered a local guy selling fish when I was driving home today.

This was caught today and it looks amazing! I just washed it with some lemon juice, then pat dry.

I put some EVOO in a pan on the grill outside and let it heat up. Meanwhile, I cut some veg I had laying around. Red onions, asparagus, and hydroponic mushrooms.

I seasoned the fish with some old bay and dredged in flour then pan fried it on medium high heat. While that was cooking outside, I was sautéing the veg. First fry up the onions, add the asparagus and deglaze with red wine. Then add the mushrooms and if you need more fluid, use a bit more wine.

Plate and enjoy!

Yum! Give it a try!

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