Alaskan Cod with shallots, garlic, capers and white wine lemon sauce!

Start with a shallot, garlic, and lemon. You can also mince some capers.

Heat a pan with a little EVOO. Use a nonstick pan if you can to reduce the amount of fat needed to prevent sticking. On medium high heat, cook until it easily slides in pan. About 5-7 minutes.

Flip over and then add shallots, garlic, and lemon zest to EVOO in pan and sauté.

Deglaze with white wine or stock. Add capers, salt to taste. Once you take it off the stove, squeeze the lemon juice on.

I baked asparagus and mushrooms with some EVOO for about 15 minutes on 350. You can pan fry or steam in the microwave also. Plate it up and enjoy!


Give it a try!

Here I used:

Alaskan cod

1 large shallot or a small red onion

2 cloves of garlic

One lemon zested and 1/2 of it juiced.

White wine about 1/2 cup



salt to taste

Cayenne pepper if you want some heat

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