Green Mac and Cheese!

I’m not Irish so pardon my attempt to make something green for a St Patrick’s Day BBQ side dish!

Step one is to put water on to boil.

I blanched the spinach and parsley in gently boiling water for a few minutes. Then remove with a strainer.

By this time the noodles and habanero pepper have been added and are done cooking. I’ve drained them and kept about a cup of pasta water in case I need it.

I used a mini chopper to make a paste of the greens and habanero with a few tablespoons of half and half to thin it out.

Then I start a rue with the butter and flour. Cook it (Med-high heat) until you seen a nice golden color, about 2 min. Then whisk in the half and half. You can use cream or 2% milk if you want instead.

I stirred in the spinach mixture and then added some cheese.

I grated this cheese myself. I find the pre-grated ones don’t melt as well. I used extra sharp Vermont white cheddar 8 oz and about 4 oz of parmigiana.

Whisk that in and allow to melt.

Then add pasta. I portioned these into tiny dishes

Top with cheese and broil right before serving.


Here I used:

8 oz cheddar

4-6 oz parmigiana

2 cups half and half

5 oz baby spinach

1/2 habanero pepper

1 cup fresh parsley (tightly packed)

1 lb pasta

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