Cuban-ish burgers!

I cannot claim authenticity with this dish being Cuban, although the Cuban in my life enjoys this burger!

First I start with a mixture of beef and pork, two parts beef to one part pork.

I season the meat with finely diced onions, a beef cube, celery salt, onion powder, a little bit of sugar. Then I added some Worcestershire sauce. I let that come closer to room temperature and then formed into patties. I like to leave a divot in the middle of the burger so it doesn’t plump up too much when cooked.

Then place them on the grill and cook all the way if you have pork inside otherwise to your liking. I also cooked some chopped red onions so they would caramelize.

I got a sesame seed bun and I grilled it a little to heat it through. Then spread some pineapple jelly on both sides.

When it is almost done, place provolone slices on top and steam to melt. You can spray some water and close the lid or cover with a lid.

Then assemble.

This is topped with packaged string potatoes (a common pantry item I hear). Then press together and enjoy!


Give it a try!

Here I used :

3⁄4 cup finely minced onion

1 beef cube

4  teaspoons onion powder

1⁄4 teaspoon  crushed celery seed

1⁄4 teaspoon sugar

Worcestershire sauce 2tbsp per pound


Use an onion soup mix prepackaged.

Provolone slices

Beef/pork mixture (prepackaged meatball mixture will work well)


Pineapple jelly

Sesame buns

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