Casual crudite (veg platter a bit elevated)!


The veggie try can be a boring site, but it’s still a staple of most gatherings. Let’s make this one pretty.

Start with the basics, you’ll know your crowd. Then choose a dish that is a bit small so you can pack it tightly.

I fold a wet paper towel under my dish for dip, so it won’t slide around.

Then start chopping. I like to score the cucumber and slice on the bias.

I love these multicolored carrots. The regular sized ones are better if you can find them.

Then just be creative and see what happens.

I added some cheese and prosciutto to round it out. A muffin liner works great to separate things if you have vegetarians around. You can make your own dip or buy one and add some cayenne or old bay if it’s too bland.

Give it a try!


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