Baked spicy chicken legs with spaghetti squash and rainbow carrots!

Weeknights can be hectic and I use the oven to help me with this. Preheat to 375 and season your chicken.

I used legs today but you can use thighs or breast with the bone also.

I seasoned with curry powder, garlic powder, and ancho chili powder.

You can use whatever spices you want but in powder form only, coat it well.

I think the wire rack is essential here. I lined the bottom with foil for easy clean up. Bake for about one hour. Turning over after 30 minutes. I also put a while spaghetti squash in the oven now too.

Meanwhile, wash some greens and make a salad and side dish.

These multicolored carrots are great. I just cleaned them and chopped in big pieces. Place in lined baking dish with a bit of orange juice or vegetable broth, cover and bake with the chicken for 45 minutes.

Then I build a salad, whatever you like really.

I mixed lettuce with red cabbage.

When I was cleaning the carrots, I sliced a bit more for the salad. Radishes are a nice crispy bitter taste. The tiny bell pepper from the plant outside!

After 50 minutes in the oven, I cut this in half, seasoned with salt and ancho chili powder and use fork to pull out from the edges.

The chicken is pulling away from the bone and is crispy. You want internal temp at 165. Invest in a thermometer of cooking chicken is a mystery for you.

Plate it and enjoy!


PS this travels well if you need to cook for a friend!

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