Whole baked chicken on a can!

Beer can chicken is quite a thing these days, I wanted to try it in my oven since I didn’t want to clean the grill 🤫

This chicken was about 5 pounds. I removed the packet from inside and rinsed it out. Then season with salt, black pepper, and ancho chili pepper powder.

Stand it up on the can inside your pan. I used a lemon seltzer water that was half full.

I also couldn’t find the roasting pan, so I used at big Dutch oven. I put some small potatoes and carrots at the bottom as well as well as cut lemons and garlic butter.

I brushed the outside with Evoo. Then into 375 oven for about 20 min per pound and internal temperature of 165.

Since it was in such a deep pan it didn’t brown as well as it could have if it was in a roasting pan that was more shallow. If the top is getting too brown, just put a small piece of foil on top.

It was very good! Give it a try!


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