Winter party sliders …turkey, gravy, cranberry, and brie!

Whether you’re avoiding red meat or you just feel like something different, this is a great party dish.

Start with Hawaiian rolls cut horizontally and put into a baking dish.

Add some good quality brie, cover as much area as you can. I put the cheese on the bottom on purpose for gravy purposes.

I just use the canned cranberry jelly for this but you can get fancier if you want to and make it from scratch.

Twice a month or so I like to roast a turkey breast and use it in place of deli meat. I did this yesterday and set aside enough to cover this liberally.

Now you top it with the other half of the bread and you can put melted butter, and sesame seeds, on top. I like a little grainy mustard also. I cover this and bake it at 350 just to heat it through since it’s already fully cooked.

The key to this is to have HOT gravy being served next to this. If you’re having a party, put it in one of those mini-crock pots. So your guest will take a slider, dunk the top bun into the gravy, and put it in their plate. So good!

You can also have some toppings on the side of this, thinly sliced red onions, crispy bacon, or crispy Granny Smith apples are all good choices.


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