Blackened shrimp with pesto pasta!

This is a quick weeknight meal that is done in a jiffy. First, put the water on to boil.

Then saute the zucchini or your veg of choice.

Set aside. Add pasta to boiling water. Then saute shrimp.

Turn off heat. Remove from pan and add garlic, spring onions, and pesto sauce.

Add cooked pasta directly into this pan and toss. Add pasta water if needed to thin out sauce. Plate and garnish with parsley.

Get fancy if you feel like it!

Or not! Give it a try. 20 minutes max.

Here I used:

20 large shrimp

Blackening seasoning, see recipe here

Angel hair pasta


Pesto sauce

Roasted garlic 6-8 cloves or 3-4 raw

2 pieces of spring onions

Fresh parsley for garnish

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