Spaghetti and meat sauce in the electric pressure cooker

I’ve seen a few recipes for this, but I’m going to change it around a little bit and see what happens.

On sauté mode, I browned the onion mixture in oil followed by 2 pounds of a mixture of ground beef with pork.

I put a paper towel in to soak up some of the fat. Add 1 cup of red wine. Scrape off the bits that are stuck. Add a can of tomato sauce and the rest of your seasonings. Rinse the can with 1 cup of water and add.

Break noodles in half and gently pile on top of meat, being as even as possible. Add the other can of sauce, and a cup of beef broth. Rinse the can with one cup of water and add. Do not stir.

I used my vegetable setting fir 16 minutes. Allow for slow release and open, then stir. If it is too loose, allow to stay on warm for awhile and stir to help it incorporate.

Garnish with fresh parmesan and serve with a nice crusty bread!

This dish was even better the second day.

It is a large portion (4 teenage boys could take it down) and would be great for a pot luck or large gathering.

Give it a try! Yum!

Here I used:

2 lbs beef/pork mix

1 onion, 8 cloves of garlic, 1/4 cup parsley, 1/2 to whole habanero pepper (optional)- pulverized in chopper with minimal liquid

Salt, black pepper

1 cup red wine

1 cup beef broth

2 cans (24 oz) of tomato sauce of choice

2 cups water

16 oz spaghetti noodles, uncooked.

Parsley, parmigiano, and garlic bread to serve.


Saute onion mixture then meat. Blot some fat off if possible. Add wine. Add 24 oz tomato sauce with 1 cup of water to rinse the can.

Break noodles in half and lay on top.

Do not stir.

Add the other can of sauce along with 1 cup water rinsing the can and broth.

Do not stir.

I used vegetable setting for 16 minutes. I’ve read people using high for 8 minutes. I allowed for slow release and kept in pot for another 20 min to allow for some liquid to absorb, stirring around a bit.

We even had spaghetti with eggs on top for brunch. So good!

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