11 minute weeknight broil, lamb chops, chicken, and veg!


Lamb chops can be tricky, I like the crispy on the outside but tender yet not bloody on the inside.

First season them well with sea salt, cracked black pepper and rosemary. Evenly brush on some EVOO and allow them to come up to room temperature after being in the fridge.

I lined a baking sheet, and cut a chicken breast I to thin strips in it’s own foil. Season with s,p, ancho chili powder, and EVOO. Same with the beans or asparagus.

Few broiling tips that I follow:

  • Broil on hi
  • Keep the oven door slightly open while broiling
  • Use a timer
  • Use the hood vent on hi
  • Stay close by
  • Put the rack on the highest level

Here I did 4 minutes, flip only lamb, 4 minutes, flip lamb, chicken and veg, then 3 more minutes. Turn off oven and serve immediately.

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