Seared Octopus, my first try!

I’ve loved he appetizers in restaurants but have never ventured to make it myself. Let’s see how it goes!

It really looks not great. Let’s hope it gets better.
Now boil. I lowered to medium high after it came to a boil. I flipped it over every 10 minutes but next time I would use a bigger pot.

If you have time ability to do this outside, do it. The smell is not fantastic. I put another pot on simmer with some vinegar.

After about 45 minutes, remove from water and let rest for about 30 minutes.
Then we sear! On my trusty Blackstone. Here I have it on medium high. I am also using water and scraping it down before I add more oil for each flavor.
We like a good char, this was the first of 4, I wanted to see how each would be with more time. This is a toasted chili in olive oil.
Next, I toasted lemon yest and a little parsley, then top with a good squeeze of lemon juice and fresh parsley.
Then I tried a cilantro lime, same concept.
This is teriyaki style with oyster mushrooms.

What I learned.. Boil it outside, it’s stinky. Put it on the grill as DRY as possible. Cut off the squiggly part at the end, it’s really hard. The favorite flavor of the day was cilantro lime. The key is high heat quickly. The last batch was too chewy. Next time I will cut on the bias so the pieces are more even and have a flat surface to sear better.

It was a valiant effort for the first try. How brave are you?! Give it a try!

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