Rigatoni pie with vodka sauce, no recipe, just threw together.

Yesterday I boiled a box of noodles. Then tossed with parm, stood them up in a spring form pan, not too tight, the goal is for the inside to fill up. Cover and store in fridge.
Forgot to take pics as I went along. I took the noodles out of the fridge to warm up a bit. Meanwhile, I browned 2 pounds of ground beef with finely diced onions and garlic. Add a little habanero if you are feeling brave. Drain fat if you want. Add almost the entire can of tomato paste (about 5 oz) and deglaze with about a cup of vodka. In a heat safe dish add almost boiling water and half a beef cube. Add heavy cream(about a cup) slowly to let it warm up so it won’t curdle. Top and bake 350 until hated through. I did 20 min.
Top with mozzarella, can mix with parm and even leftiver garlic butter mix from bread. Broil until you like the look. Top with fresh herbs.
SUPER IMPORTANT: only remove spring form pan side when on serving dish of choice.

Serve with your side of choice. Use a knife to cut thru the cheese but then use a pie server and large pot spoon.

Since you are not using a typical sauce, it is more firm and of course, it is also great the next day!

Give it a try!


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